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What to Blog About?

Probably the biggest challenge I am facing, during this 30 Day challenge to perfect my blog,  is finding topics to write about.  I have read that regular content is key to a successful blog.  Today I started brainstorming what topics I could write about in the Milla TImes to keep it fresh and relevant. I thought I should share it with you so you know what to expect.

1. Upcoming Workshops or Lessons – in these posts I will be providing summaries or online extensions to the lessons I am doing in my leadership courses.

2. Self Development – In these posts I will be sharing my ideas on topics related to individual development

3. Hump Day Hoops – Every Wednesday I will share resources or ideas related to coaching basketball.

4. Favorite Lists – In these posts I will create lists of my favorite something (book, movie, food, etc)

5. Opinion Pieces – In these posts I will share my opinion on current events.

I hope that using these 5 categories to generate ideas will keep The Milla Times full of new and exciting content.