Flipping my Leadership Classroom in 2014?

After taking a few weeks off to celebrate Christmas with my family and attend a close friends wedding in Mexico I am feeling energized and really excited about 2014.  Over the past two weeks I spent a lot of time thinking about how I can continue to grow the Milla Times blog and also improve as a teacher.

I think one way I can accomplish both of these goals is to experiment with the idea of a “flipped classroom”.  This is a teaching strategy that inverts traditional teaching methods. Lectures and content are delivered online and homework or activities are brought into the classroom.  Some things I really like about this teaching method is that it allows students to watch lessons at their own pace and communicate with their teacher and peers via online extensions. I also really like the idea of using class time for activities, discussions, and homework. I think this model fits really well with the leadership program I am currently running. At various times in the semester different groups of students are planning and running school events, as a result they are always working at different places in the curriculum. The flipped classroom would allow them to work through the content at their own pace.  I also know that the best learning in a leadership class happens during activities and discussions. For these reasons, I think a flipped classroom is a perfect model for a leadership class.

How am I going to make this happen. My goal is to record all my lessons/lectures during the upcoming semester then add articles and other videos to these to create online tutorials. Then next September I will be ready to experiment with the flipped classroom and incorporate these videos into my blog.


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