Reflections on the #SJAM30daygrind

Today is the end of the 30 day challenge that was the impetus of me starting The Milla Times Blog. For those reading this for the first time, the #SJAM30Daygrind was an assignment in my  leadership class where the students were challenged to try something new or change something in their life for 30 days. I had always wanted to start a blog so that became my 30 day challenge. Throughout the experience my students were required to post their daily goals, thoughts, challenges, etc on twitter using the hashtag #SJAM30daygrind. The reason for using twitter was to create a classroom community that would support each other as they worked towards their goal.

The purpose of the assignment was two-fold.

1. To see if the students could follow through with a plan to achieve a long-term goal/vision. An important skill in leadership and also in life.

2. To see if setting daily goals is an effective way to direct behavior, increase focus, and help them achieve their 30 day challenge.

Here are some highlights from the debrief we had in class. I think some valuable goal setting lessons were derived from this activity.

– It is important to set goals that you are passionate about. This will increase your persistence and commitment during tough times.

– It is important to be self-aware and make a realistic plan based on your current lifestyle. How can you find time in a typical day to do (insert daily goal)?

– Setting Daily Goals help make your long-term goal more manageable and help you refocus and stay motivated each day.

Overall, I think this was a very positive experience. In fact, many of my students said that they are going to start a new 30 day challenge. I am going on vacation for two weeks over the Christmas holidays but when I return I am going to continue working on improving my online presence. My next 30 day challenge will focus on incorporating videos of my leadership lessons on this site.


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