Developing a Personal Brand through Social Media

After reading Dan Schwabel’s book Me 2.0, I bought into the importance of personal branding through the use of social media. In his book he suggests that amid our changing world   “a new breed of worker is emerging – one who feels energized and empowered by the exciting new world that the internet has created … Those with confidence, drive, and the ability to use the full potential of modern technology – including creating a powerful personal brand to define themselves and achieve their goals – will be at the forefront of this bold new world.”

Making an impact online is essential for creating a personal brand and taking command of your career. Social media can be used for personal empowerment, self-management, and networking. Twitter and blogging were two specific social medial outlets identified in his book that seemed relevant to my career in education.  I decided that this year I would focus on developing my personal brand through these two outlets.  I have only been at this for a couple of months but already I have learned a lot.  Here are few lessons I have learned in both mediums.


1. Make sure you fill out your complete profile and customize your background. Twitter is really another search engine.  When people search your profile they should discover who you are and what your about.  You should include your full name, location, URL to blog/website, a profile picture, and a short description of what you do.

2. Tweet Frequently! Tweet your own ideas, links to interesting articles/videos.

3. Link your Twitter feed to your Blog. This way every time you write something new on your blog it will be tweeted by your account. This is a great way to gain exposure for your blog and also contributes to point number 2.

4. Follow people with similar careers and interests. They will provide you with lots of interesting information and ideas that can lead to new ideas and knowledge .

6. Use twitter as a networking tool. Reach out to the twitter community for resources, help, tips, etc.


1. It is important to have a vision for what your blog is going to be about before beginning. This allows you to plan and prepare for a strong launch and also keep the momentum going.

2. Allow your personality, creativity, and opinions to show in your blog. Treat your blog as an in-depth job interview. What you write provides your readers with a clear glimpse of who you are.

3. Blog frequently. This is the only way to gain exposure for your blog. Link to your Twitter and Facebook pages which will also increase your exposure.

4. Create an About Me page. People who read your blog want some information on whose writing.

I began trying to develop my personal brand in hopes that it would help me take control of my career. So far I have really enjoyed the experience and look forward to seeing how it will impact my career.



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