Teacher or Coach?

The other day I was sitting in a PD session discussing the differences between teachers and  facilitators or coaches.  What we determined is that facilitators/coaches are always working to help their pupils develop ownership of their own learning. I realized then that in my job as a high school leadership teacher I rarely teach, yet I am always coaching. As a leadership coach my goal is to get my students to take control of their own leadership development. Here are some strategies I use everyday while coaching my leadership students:

  • provide resources and knowledge
  • ask questions and challenge current thinking
  • identify roles
  • clarify expectations
  • identify strengths and weaknesses
  • provide real life opportunities to demonstrate skills/learning
  • encourage reflection and discussion
  • Build Individual Relationships

For me, the shift away from being teacher who delivers content, sets deadlines, and evaluates to a facilitator who builds relationships, encourages reflection, and provides opportunities has been the best move of my teaching career.


2 thoughts on “Teacher or Coach?

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