What to Blog About?

Probably the biggest challenge I am facing, during this 30 Day challenge to perfect my blog,  is finding topics to write about.  I have read that regular content is key to a successful blog.  Today I started brainstorming what topics I could write about in the Milla TImes to keep it fresh and relevant. I thought I should share it with you so you know what to expect.

1. Upcoming Workshops or Lessons – in these posts I will be providing summaries or online extensions to the lessons I am doing in my leadership courses.

2. Self Development – In these posts I will be sharing my ideas on topics related to individual development

3. Hump Day Hoops – Every Wednesday I will share resources or ideas related to coaching basketball.

4. Favorite Lists – In these posts I will create lists of my favorite something (book, movie, food, etc)

5. Opinion Pieces – In these posts I will share my opinion on current events.

I hope that using these 5 categories to generate ideas will keep The Milla Times full of new and exciting content.


2 thoughts on “What to Blog About?

  1. M DCT (@MDCTan)

    Maybe you should think about the type of people that like to read blog posts and think about the type of audience you want to build with the people that read blog posts, and finally maybe add 2 colours into the background that are 1/3 or directly across on the colour wheel.


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