Hump Day Hoops

HUMP DAY YEAH! Thought that video might bring you some laughs.  Shout out to                        @casellaAaron who showed me that video and also for designing The Milla TImes banner.

One of the best parts of my job as a high school teacher is that I also get to coach basketball.  Basketball is a sport I have always enjoyed and coaching has allowed me to stay involved now that my playing days are over.

To get over the hump on long weeks at work it can help to focus on the things you enjoy the most. With this in mind, I have decided to dedicate my Wednesday posts to basketball. Enjoy the first installment of Hump Day Hoops.

I have coached at the high school, club, and university level in Canada for several years. I believe my current team has the talent to compete for our regional and provincial championships, however in practice we rarely see championship work ethic or attitudes in our players. Championships are built at practice. Here is what I would like to see out of every player at practice.

  • Be early
  • Prepare mentally – what are you going to focus on at practice today
  • Prepare physically – stretch, tape, etc
  • Go Game speed in every drill
  • Play tough defense
  • Communicate in every drill
  • Compliment your teammates
  • Stay Late

These are the types of players that I want to coach. These are the types of players that get recruited by University coaches. These are also the types of players that win you championships.


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