The Power of Stories

This week in my grade 11 leadership course my students will be facilitating 75 min workshops. I thought I would start the second week of The Milla Times with a short post about incorporating stories into presentations.  Later this week I will be posting a more detailed look at how to turn your presentation itself into a story.  Look out for that Thursday or Friday.

Through out history, stories have been used as a way to share who we are and who we become. Today, stories are still the most effective way to share ideas, inspire change, and communicate effectively. They are more memorable than statistics, facts or rants and most importantly they create trust and connection with the audience. Yet in school and at work we often omit stories from presentations. Your presentations will improve dramatically if you can include some stories. Here are some tips on how you can do this effectively:

  1. Your story should have one key point or message
  2. Hook your audience at the beginning
  3. Script the first and last sentence only. Let the rest happen like a…
  4. Conversation.. not a presentation (imagine you’re talking to your best friend)
  5. Don’t be the hero of your own stories.

Good luck with your storytelling.


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