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As a high school leadership teacher I am lucky to have the curricular freedom to decide what I teach my students. I take this very seriously. I try to teach them skills that will be useful to them later in life. Today as part of a larger unit on creating a vision and goal setting we started the #SJAM30daygrind.

First, I challenged my students to think of something they’ve always wanted to learn, or change, or do differently or do better in their life and second, I asked them to take small steps for the next 30 days that will bring them closer to their goal.  We will all be tweeting about our experiences using the #SJAM30daygrind. Shout out to Kia for the hashtag!

Leading by example is a common topic in our leadership class. I have to practice what I preach so here I am making my first foray into blogging (something I have always wanted to do ).  My 30 day grind is to develop the format, content, and purpose of this blog going forward. As with all the 30 day grinds, the purpose of this exercise is to develop something that you can do long term. I want to make this blog stick as a part of my life and career. My plan for this page is to post my ideas on leadership, basketball, coaching, education, and life in general. Hope you like it.


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